Redmond Ramos named "If Not Me Then Who" Leadership Award Winner

Motivational Speaker and combat veteran Redmond Ramos accepts the 2017 "If Not Me Then Who Award" from Travis Manion Foundation in The Union League in Philidelphia.

Argus Observer highlights Redmond Ramos

" I know we are thankful for Mr. Ramos and his strong determination to overcome and succeed in living his life." -Ron Verini Special to the Argus Observer

Time Magazine features Redmond Ramos

Time magazine online featured Redmond Ramos during The Warrior Games Olympic-style competition. 

"I found happiness in helping others. I cannot tell you where I’d be right now without adaptive athletics, but it surely wouldn’t be here."

                       -Redmond Ramos

Matt says Redmond seems like the kind of guy who won’t give up when the going gets tough. Good guess.

In second place is Matt, a pro snowboarder with an Olympic gold medal. Matt chooses Redmond, the former Navy Corpsman with a prosthetic leg, as his partner. Matt says Redmond seems like the kind of guy who won’t give up when the going gets tough. Good guess.

Watch Redmond of ‘The Amazing Race 29’ In Grunt Style Commercial

I am honored to be featured in this great article about The Amazing Race and my own bio.

Mission Viejo Walk Against Drugs Led by Wounded Warrior

"He enjoys giving back through volunteer work with youth and other veterans. The theme of the event – 'Drug Free, Warrior Strong' – was inspired by Redmond."





"Travis Manion Foundation has been fortunate to interact with many incredible individuals who have served our country throughout our years of operation. One individual in particular, Redmond Ramos, stands out in 2015 for his various accomplishments and his bright future"

-Travis Manion Foundation




To address this topic, the Travis Manion Foundation will host a panel discussion, consisting of veterans and their families who continue to serve in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors. The panel will include:

  • Alex Gorsky – CEO, Johnson & Johnson, United States Army Veteran
  • Ryan Manion Borek – President, Travis Manion Foundation
  • Redmond Ramos – United States Navy Veteran, and Winner of the 2015 Triumph Games.
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