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Redmond Ramos calls the day a roadside bomb in Afghanistan took his left leg below the knee the best day of his life.

“'It’s what made me be a better person- It’s made me realize just how lucky I am and how much I used to take for granted' Said Redmond Ramos

He spent the first years recovering. Now, he has a part-time job presenting certificates honoring veterans in hospice care. It’s his way of giving back.

He’s also thriving as an athlete and has the words 'I’m with Stumpy' tattooed on his calf above a hand pointing to the missing leg.

On Thursday, wearing a T-shirt that said 'Running Sucks', Ramos ran a 200-meter race against three others. He won, though he was the only one with a blade where a leg should be.

      - Dianna Cahn: Pilot Online